16 January 2018

Equity salesman ditches bonus at BAML, joins Berenberg

Berenberg poaches from BAML in London.

16 January 2018

Morning Coffee: J.P. Morgan gives up on people who can’t be persuaded to work there. Desperate measures to retain women

You don't want to work for J.P. Morgan? The bank is done with trying to entice you.

16 January 2018

“I’m a woman working in banking technology. Here’s how Morgan Stanley helps me achieve my goals”

Banking technology is a man's world? Not at Morgan Stanley.

15 January 2018

What you need to know about Asian private banking jobs in 2018

These seven things are set to shake up the job market in Asia private banking this year.

15 January 2018

The art of losing weight when you work in finance

You're a big man. Here's how to be a smaller one.

15 January 2018

Barclays just hired a veteran managing director for its New York IBD team

Barclays made its first big hire in M&A.

15 January 2018

This is what bankers really do when they get their bonuses

Not everyone is a big spender. The most experienced bankers usually approach bonus season with a certain methodicalness.

15 January 2018

SocGen poached a credit saleswoman and fashionista from Credit Suisse

Some people are worth buying out close to bonuses.

15 January 2018

Morning Coffee: Ominous signs that big banking redundancies are coming in mid-2018. Over-excitable crypto-enthusiasts

It's mid-January and already one investment bank has intimated that there are big job losses to come.

14 January 2018

Here’s the full list of Morgan Stanley’s 2018 MD promotions, and what they do

Meet the 153 new managing directors at Morgan Stanley.