05 January 2018

A senior private equity executive just resurfaced in big new job

Fancy a six month break? This PE executive had been on gardening leave since July.

04 January 2018

How to make the leap from Wall Street to Main Street CFO

Tired of your Wall Street job? Here's how to become the CFO of a PE-backed company.

04 January 2018

Deutsche Bank makes its first big hire of 2018

Deutsche Bank has just made a senior hire in London.

03 January 2018

Why you canít afford to quit investment banking yet

The $2m reason not to drop your banking job because you're bored of it.

03 January 2018

Hereís what a small bonus does to your mental health

It's natural to be disappointed when your bonus is smaller than expected, but if it causes you to unravel mentally, then there are deeper issues at play.

03 January 2018

Senior trader leaves Moore Capital, founds new London macro fund

A senior trader has left Moore Capital and started his own fund. Four other former "members" have been "terminated" but remain with the firm.

02 January 2018

Bank by bank hiring (and firing) plans as we start 2018

Where's the hiring and firing likely to happen in the opening months of the year? Here's our roundup of banks' intentions from the end of Q3 2017.

02 January 2018

These will be the best jobs in IBD between 2018 and 2020

Some investment bankers are going to do better than others from the coming cycle, says Dan Davies.

02 January 2018

Rokos Capital Management hired a top technologist from Barclays

Rokos has got a new chief technology officer.

01 January 2018

Why investment bankers cry in the work washrooms

Bankers are criers. During my time in banking I saw tears all the time.