09 March 2018

The new backdoor into an internship at Pimco

Pimco investment professionals will speak at Girls Who Investís programs, and the fund firm will hire six female scholars as summer interns.

09 March 2018

UBSís salaries and bonuses look huge compared to European rivalsí

If you're unhappy at UBS, imagine how you'd feel at Barclays or Standard Chartered.

09 March 2018

Head of Rothschild North America isnít afraid to let analysts go straight to VP

Jimmy Neissa retired early at UBS. Now he's back as the head of Rothschild North America. Neissa's hiring, and he's also promoting Ė fast, if necessary.

09 March 2018

Morning Coffee: Is this why women leave banking when they have children? Deutsche Bankís new move on Millennials

There's an elephant in the room when senior bankers consider promoting women: the possibility that they'll take maternity leave.

08 March 2018

The misconceptions of the 23 year-old investment banker, by an ex-Goldman MD

A former MD at Goldman Sachs spreads the wisdom.

08 March 2018

Goldman Sachs bankers should be queuing up for German contracts

if you're offered a German employment contract, you may want to take one.

08 March 2018

The global head of data science has left J.P. Morgan

Maybe data scientists aren't actually the best people to work on banks' data science projects?

08 March 2018

How to read gender pay gap data for finance firms, and what to do about it

The firm you works for pays its women half the amount it pays its men. So, now what?

08 March 2018

Morning Coffee: Nothing will ever compare to the buzz of working for Goldman Sachs. Families on $500k living paycheck to paycheck

What if there is nothing as stimulating as working in a banking job?

07 March 2018

Deutsche Bankís bonuses are out and there are some seriously disappointed people

It's bonus announcement day at Deutsche Bank.